Rancho de Los Arboles, LLC
Rancho de los Arboles, LLC

Happy Customers

Spring 2016 - Dorothea's Gold (Ditto) has gone on to be a dressage horse!  Ditto spent a little time in training with Roger Daily after his new owner purchased him.  Roger says "who ever broke this horse did a fabulous job!"  There is nothing not to like about this horse!
Fall 2015 - Kendra Porter meeting her new horse, Patron, for the first time.  It was love at first sight!  Congrats, Kendra and much success with Patron...
Summer 2015 - Dr. John McCarroll, DVM after finishing a pre-purchase exam of this handsome young man says "what a lovely behaving two year old.  You have done a nice job!"
Summer 2014-Sold to Justine Chase of Florida.  She says "he is my forever horse!"  My husband and I wish we had 5 more just like him in our barn.
Spring, 2014 - Congrats to Danice Grisham on the birth of her Thanks for the Gold colt (Midas Gold) in April 2015.  Danice says "Midas was born with a brave spirit and an independent mind.  He is learning his ground manners, but prefers romping around in the field.  We look forward to seeing how this handsome personality grows and changes."